I was born in East Oakland January 1992 to a mother and father who – despite doing their very best to thrive in a city that made it difficult – still both struggled with unhealthy relationships, drug dependency, and alcohol abuse.

I didn’t know this when I was young girl, but I would go on to struggle with all of these things (and more) on my journey as well.

Even though the cards I were dealt in life were definitely not the ones most would choose – if I was given another chance to choose my life.. I’d choose those same cards again. My experiences and many descents into the dark underworld are what have given me the tools to assist those who are called to my work.

My name is Ella Marie, and I’m here to show you by being living proof.. that if I can live in my Full Power, so can you.

More coming soon…

Until then, check out ‘What is Live in Full Power’